About me

Having a passion for shapes, lines, composition, and character design since an early age is what created this Illustration path for me, Kevin Philippe. I'm a Digital Artist and Illustrator who is constantly moving between my cozy small studios in the US (Laredo, TX) and Mexico (Nuevo Laredo, Tam). I hold a BA in Arts from Texas A&M International University, which I used to further my knowledge in the illustration market (self-taught). I work in 2-D Vector and Mixed Media. My themes and concepts are African-centered. Fashion, Melanin, the Black Woman, Love, Healthy Lifestyle, Cosmetics, Education, Visionary, Traditions, Culture, and much more can be depicted in my illustrations. 


Thanks to understanding key patterns about social media (Instagram and Facebook), I was able to promote my work efficiently, thus creating a very supportive client base. It comes natural to me to communicate ideas, feedback, critiques, adjustments, and much more within the work process of my clients. Brands and clients I've had the pleasure to work with are varied.  From singers to writers the list includes Claire Lyrics, KurtissNYC, G.O.D.z Regalia, Jazmine Nikao, F.l.y. Clothing,  Jean Natural, and many more of the lovely people who've reached out to me and team up to work on their projects.

List of Exhibits

2019 Aurora - Orange

Aurora International Art Collective

2016 “Art Wars”

Laredo Center for the Arts, Laredo, Texas


2016 Cosmosys XX - “Tarot”

Cosmosys International Art Collective


2016 Rio Grande Arts Juried Exhibition

Laredo Community College Visual and Performing Arts Gallery,

Laredo, Texas


2015 “Selfish – A Self-Portrait ART Exhibit"

Gallery 201, Laredo, Texas


2015  Cosmosys XVIII - “Allotopia”

Cosmosys International Art Collective


2015  Cosmosys XVII - “Alpha & Omega”

Cosmosys International Art Collective


2014  Cosmosys XVI - “Aisthetikos”

Cosmosys International Art Collective


2014 "Hullabaloo" Texas A&M International University

Fine and Performing Arts Gallery, Laredo, Texas

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